StephenMinistry 2014

Stephen Ministers Meet the Needs of People

What is Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is an organized way for congregations to deepen and expand the amount of caring ministry they can offer. 

This organized and trained team assist the pastor in providing care to those who may be experiencing a period of crisis, transition, challenge, or other traumatic circumstances.


What is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are laypeople, who receive specialized Christian Caregiving Training to provide One-to-One, confidential, trustworthy, Christ-centered care and support to people who are experiencing a period of crisis.

What do Stephen Ministers Do?

  • Listen Carefully & Reflectively
  • Consistently & Reliably be there
  • Connect with hurting people
  • Engage and Encourage
  • Pray with and for Care Receivers
  • Share Christ’s Love
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Confirm that God is the Healer
  • Work as a Team


Who to Contact

If you would like a Stephen Minister to call on you,  a loved one, or a friend,   please call a Stephen Leader.

Wilson Barker (941) 493-1439

Barb Middelthon (941) 486-4210

or Paul Mrha (941) 485-8575

or email StephenMinistry