Mission of Trinity Chrch is to:
  • INTRODUCE people to Jesus Christ,
  • DEEPEN faith and make disciples,
  • ENCOURAGE community and,
  • PROVIDE opportunities to use our spiritual gifts both locally and throughout the world.
The Mission Ministry Team of Trinity Church provide direction to the Session on mission matters and provide oversight to CAM (Community Assistance Ministry).  This is not limited to creating a mission plan for the year, regular reporting to Session on CAM and oversight to all mission partners. The annual plan aligns the vision of the church to the missions of the church.  The plan contains a listing of all mission partners prioritized by critical, significant, worthy and notable mission partners.  
   Three levels of Mission Support
  1. CRITICAL: Mission partners who we have a close relationship with and work to fund at least 10% of our allocations.
  2. SIGNIFICANT: Trinity will continue to keep relationship with and will fund if we receive funds designationed for specific organization.
  3. WORTHY:  Trinity will fund through designated funds for that organization but will not actively cultivate a hands-on relationship.
Critical Mission Partners:
Mission Partners that will be funded by at least 10% of allocations. These partners will be invited to special reviews with the Mission Ministry Team and the congregation. They will be asked to supply speakers and pulpit supply if appropriate. They are asked to provide ongoing education material and updates on their mission activities. Trinity Church will look for hands-on outreach opportunities to engage the congregation and the Mission partner. We will build a relationship to connect the mission and our congregation. 


Mision Peniel is a covenant ministry of Peace River Presbytery, responding to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the farmworker community in Immokalee, Florida.


Contact:    Ruth DeYoe (386-793-6151)

Email:       Ruthdeyoe@gmail.com

Website    https://www.misionpeniel.com

Facebook: @MisionPeniel

SAT/7 is a Middle East and North Africa indigenous Christian broadcast media ministry broadcasting via satellite 24/7 throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The network supports four channels in the major languages of the region: Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. The ministry’s mission is to build the Church through non-political and non-partisan,, biblically based programming, more than 80% of which is produced in the Middle East by Middle Easterners.


Contact: Dennis Wiens (816)200-4788

Email: denniswiens@sat/7.org

Website: https://sat7.org

Facebook: @SAT7Network

Wycliffe Bible Translators is a global organization that translates the bible into languages that have no translation of the bible. Wycliffe’s Vision is for people from every language to understand the Bible and be transformed. Wycliffe’s Mission is to Serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible Translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word.


Contact: Keith Patmann (301-385-1778)

Email: Keith_patman@sil.org

Website: https://www.wycliffe.org

Facebook: @WycliffeUSA


The Outreach Foundation mission is to engage followers of Christ for God’s work in the world. Our convictions are aligned to the historic Christian faith as it is revealed in God’s Word. Our priorities are helping the church live out its missional calling by transforming lives through mission involvement, building the capacity of the global church and supporting the work of missionaries.


Contact: Rev. Bill Teng

Email: tengpresby@aol.com

Website: https://www.theoutreachfoundation.org

Facebook: @theOutreachFndn


The purpose of Beyond Boundaries is to establish and advance, at Ringling College of Arts & Design, New College of Florida, and USF Sarasota-Manatee, witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Contact:   Jonathan Bachman (941-928-8685)

Email:      Jonathanandrobynn@gmail.com

Website:   https://globalservicenetwork.org

Since 1977, Dan and Elizabeth Turk have served with the PC(USA)’s partner church, FJKM, ministering to the population in the areas of health, environment, agriculture and safe drinking water. FJKM believes that Christian witness should include ministry both to the physical and spiritual needs of God’s people. 


Contact:    Dan and Elizabeth Turk

Email:       Dan.Turk@pcusa.org 


Website:   www.presbyterianmission.org

YouTube:  Turks in Madagascar

The mission of Community Assistance Ministry (CAM) is to meet the urgent needs of the residents and homeless people of Venice and Nokomis, with dignity and respect. Trinity Presbyterian Church, Venice, FL serves as the lead organization to provide CAM with a location, financial and administrative help.  CAM provides a food pantry by distributing groceries to the clients that come by the church twice a week.


Contact: Todd Miller (941-408-7907)

Email: Todd.miller@trinitypc.org

Website: https://trinitypc.org/c-a-m