Ways to Become a Member of Trinity Church

Full Member

One who is a member of a particular church may be received by letter of transfer from that congregation. At you request, Trinity will write to your former church to request a letter of membership Transfer.

Affiliate Membership

If you wish Trinity to be your “home away from home”, but wish to retain you membership in your “home” church, we invite you to join us as an Affiliate Member. This grants you full participation in Trinity, except voting privileges.

Profession of Faith

Profession of faith is another way in which a person may be received into membership. Baptism is a requirement prior to becoming a member. If you have not been baptized, Pastor Bill will be happy to discuss the meaning of baptism with you.

Reaffirmation of Faith

When previously one was a member of a Christian church and is unable to secure a certificate of transfer, such a person may reaffirm his/her profession of faith and his/her acceptance of responsibility in the life of the church.