Online Bible Study

As we finished our first online Bible study on the Letter of James last week, I’m planning to lead another six-week study, this time on the Book of Psalms entitled “Awestruck: Relating to God” — a study from the Book of Psalms.


Since it’d be impossible for us to study all 150 psalms in this brief time period, six will be chosen to help us focus on our relationship with God — in our: Desiring God, Depending on God, Living in God’s Name, Receiving God’s Restoration, Walking in God’s Ways, and Worshiping God.


On this Wednesday morning (July 8) at 11:00, we will begin looking at Psalm 1 in our “Desiring God” — asking the questions: “Is it possible for us to truly live righteously? If so, how?” — as it describes the blessing that comes from faithful obedience to God as well as the judgment that comes from disobedience.

Attached please find two documents: Lesson 1 Worksheet and Exercise  ~ Please try to read up on the biblical passage, fill out the blanks, and look over the Small Group Discussion Questions before Wednesday’s lesson; the Exercise is for you to do after the lesson.


This is the link for you to log on to Zoom:



Pastor Bill