Online Bible Study

We’re now at the last of our six-week online Bible study on “Awestruck: Relating to God” as we come to Lesson Six, and it’s never too late to join us, as each lesson stands on its own ~ All you have to do is to click on the link here on 

Wednesday morning, August 12, at 11:00

 ( and follow the instructions.

This week we will study together “Worshiping God” from another familiar and beloved psalm, Psalm 139, as we learn that because God created and intimately knows everyone, we are compelled to respond in worship; while pondering the question: “Why is it important that God knows us intimately?”


In this psalm, David described a personal, intimate relationship with his God as he gave thanks to the God who had created him and who knew him personally (vv. 1–18), and as he prayed for God’s help when in distress (vv. 18–24).
Attached please find the Lesson 6 Worksheet ~ Please try to read up on the biblical passage, fill out the blanks, look over the Small Group Discussion Questions before Wednesday’s lesson.
I look forward to “seeing” you in cyberspace this Wednesday morning at 11:00!

Pastor Bill