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Summer Studies
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The Reason for God 
by Tim Keller
Summertime is here and the Wednesday’s Bag Lunch Studies are back!  Starting July 10, Pastor Chuck will be leading us through Tim Keller’s acclaimed, THE REASON FOR GOD book.  A longtime fixture on the New York Times best seller list, the subtitle of the book is Belief in the Age of Skeptism. Tim Keller is known for his robust, winsome defense historic, biblical Christianity. Keller is the former pastor of thriving Reedemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.
If there is one book of the Bible that has been most talked about, neglected, feared and has caused more debate and shudder among believers, hands down it would have to be THE BOOK OF REVELATION.
For many Christians it is simply a “closed book.” And the more closed the better.  For others it has become an obsessive—and unhealthy—source for speculation. 

Mention Revelation in polite company and most will diplomatically change the subject…or have it monopolized by a self-styled authority.

During these summer months, Pastor Chuck will engage us in a twelve-week series on some of the great themes of this mysterious portion of God’s Word.  The title for the series is called, appropriately:  THE FINAL WORD.  
After worship on three Sunday mornings this summer, Pastor Chuck will be offering a 45 minute tutorial for those desiring to dig deeper and obtain more background on this fascinating New Testament book.  
The end game in all of this is simply this:  To produce confident, reassuring faith—not cowering, menacing fright—as we see what God has in store for his people in the future.
LifeGroups Bible Study
Our LifeGroups Bible Study group meets each Sunday morning following the Contemporary Worship Service at 10:15am.  
We take a break during the Summer Months and will resume in October 2019.
Check back for details and join us.