THE MISSION OF TRINITY CHURCH is to INTRODUCE people to Jesus Christ, DEEPEN faith and make disciples, ENCOURAGE community, and PROVIDE opportunities to use our spiritual gifts both locally and throughout the world.


 Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  There are many fine churches in greater Venice and we are honored that you would take time to give us a peek.

If I were to tell you what Trinity Church means to me, it could be summed up in our CORE VALUES.   Which we begin by saying, We seek to be Christ centered, Biblically based, and Spiritually Alive!   That was an informal mission statement that found its way into a definition of who we are and what we are about.  Let me explain:


 Contemporary Service 9:00AM

Traditional Service  10:30AM

  • By CHRIST CENTERED we believe that the One who brings us together is Jesus Christ.   Our teaching, our preaching, our life-styles center around Jesus, fully God and truly human, ‘who loved us and gave himself for us.’   (Galatians 2:20)
  • By BIBLICALLY  BASED we believe that the Holy Scriptures—the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments—are the “God-breathed”  word of God written  and is our final authority for life and doctrine.(2 Timothy 3:16)
  • By SPIRITUALLY ALIVE!  we believe that if the Christian faith is really true, it needs to be demonstrated in a robust way that makes a difference in our personal lives, our congregation, and how we live that out in the world.   (John 6:63)

So whether you are a long-time believer, a curious seeker, or an honest skeptic,   we invite you to join on this journey of “Amazing Grace.”  I would look forward to greeting you.  So, come and see!

Pastor Chuck Wiggins


Kay Arthur Bible Study

    Follow The Light – Bible Study

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 This Kay Arthur Bible Study, “Teach Me Your Ways”  is a study of the first five books of the Bible.
The study will focus on how to Discover God’s Message for Your Life and will meet each Wednesday afternoon from 1-2:30pm. 
All are welcome to attend. Book cost is $8.
Delve into an exploration of the Scriptures, considering all the ways that light is a metaphor for God, His Kingdom, and His infinite love. This study examines God’s presence in various
forms of light, and uses scriptural references to show us that the presence of our Heavenly Father is all around us.  This eight-week study is divided into personal, daily assignments along with suggested prayer topics to encourage regular conversations with our Heavenly Father.

Sunday Mornings at 10:15AM


Sunday Morning Studies – Two Classes @ 9AM

Rumors of Another World
This class is a study using the book by Phillip Yancey, “Rumors of Another World”, which wrestles with the questions: “Is there another dimension to reality beyond this material world?” and “What rumors or clues to this reality can we find in our world?”
The Class meets each Sunday morning at 9AM and is led by The Reverend Bill Gaydos.
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The Second Millennium of Christianity
This course is an overview of the History of Christianity and will meet on Sunday mornings at 9AM.  It will begin with the Great Schism between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, include the beginning of the Crusades and the consequences that came out of them. It will also include the conquest of Constantinople, the enlightenment of the Renaissance Period in Europe other historical schisms.

Three week Preaching Series:


I’ve never put money on a horse in my life. Or for that matter never been to a racetrack. So before I could give the title to this new preaching series, I thought it prudent to look up the definition. 

So, a la Webster’s here goes: A TRIFECTA “a form of betting in which an individual selects the first three place winners in a horse race in the correct order OR any achievement involving three successful outcomes.”

 During the weeks of February I will be preaching through 1 Corinthians 13.
Most commonly known as the “love chapter” of Scripture, it is frequently read at weddings. Frequently read yes, but probably also the least understood.
 The “perfect trifecta” is found in the finale, verse 13. “Faith, hope and love abide…these three, but the greatest of these is love.”

 If I were a betting person, I would put my money down on the above three. And I would stake my life on the truth that, in the end, “love wins.”

 I look forward to mining the profound truth of God’s Word from this great portion of Scripture with you in the coming weeks.

 See you in worship this Lord’s Day…I’ll be lookin’ for you!

 Pastor Chuck